Vesta Gehäuse T卫生级多功能阀

Vesta Gehäuse T卫生级多功能阀

GEA VESTA 无菌级阀门以及罐底阀


  • More reliable alternative to antiquated diaphragm valves


  • Reduction of service costs / Total Cost of Ownership


  • Especially designed for the pharmaceutical industry


  • Start of development in 2003
  • Launched in 2005
  • In the past 6 years (2011-2016), more than
    30’000 VESTA® valves has been sold
  • Hermetic seal against athomsphere 球密封
  • No dead ends 无死角
  • 100% drainable 完全排净
  • Easy and safe maintenance 维护简便
  • Optimized CIP/SIP cleaning 可实现CIP/SIP
  • Hermetic seal 真空气密封
  • Pocket-free design无死角设计
  • 100% – self drainable 完全自排放
  • Reliable CIP/SIP cleaning 可CIP/SIP
  • Hygienic Design 卫生级设计
  • Simple and safe maintenance 维护便捷
  • Sealed by thin-walled sealing lip 密封唇口挡板
  • Permanent compression by elastomer o-ring 永久压缩密封圈
  • High product force compensation by metallic thrust collar 金属止推环补偿压力
  • Under vaccum conditions, protection is provided by a circlip真空条件下的保护弹性挡圈
  • Defined pre-tension through metallic stop提供张力的金属块
  • Self-centering 自动定心
  • The bellows are made of TFM 1705 only, a molecular mix
    of PTFE and PFA 波纹管的材质是PTFE的改良符合纤维材料
  • They are extremely flexible 这种材料及其柔性
  • They had been tested with 163°C 可承受163℃高温
  • During the test 1 millions of cycles had been reached.通过测试该材料的升降使用次数可达100万次
  • The bellows had been still in good shape波纹管的形状完全符合卫生设计
  • With a pressure of 0,5 Bar – 17 millions of cycles had been reached