• Intensive cleaning by targeted jets 强力喷射
  • Reproducible cleaning 循环清洗
  • 3D Spray pattern 3D喷射图形
  • Increased service life by low-wear components


  • Hygienic design 卫生级设计
  • Same spare part kits for Typhoon, Tempest &Tornado / Twister & Cyclone  各种系列的备件通用
  • Less maintenance time due to less component parts


  • FDA conform and ATEX exempt
    • What flow rate is available (at the cleaner)?清洗流量
    • What pressure is available (at the cleaner)?清洗压力
    • What is the type of fouling?污垢类型
      • Water-soluble 可溶于水的
      • Adherent 黏着性
      • Encrusted 结痂性
    • What is the current cleaning media?清洗剂类型
      • Type 类型
      • Concentration 浓度
      • Temperature 温度
    • What is the current cleaning installation? 清洗装置类型
      • Insertion opening 嵌入式